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Kosher & Judaica Shop

To many of us, food is such a key part of being Jewish. It reminds us of social gatherings, festivals and family recipes passed on through generations.

We have a Kosher and Judaica shop at Grenfell Lodge, which is stocked monthly with larder essentials, fresh foods and items to support a Jewish lifestyle such as mezuzahs and Shabbat candlesticks.

For more information and to order, see our Members Area.

December – it's latkes

Every month we like to share a different recipe with our website visitors. Here is a version of Roger Rosenberg’s recipe for latkes from 2010 being prepared recently by Barbara Grossman.



12 large potatoes – grated (food processor) + drained

3 large onions – grated (food processor) + drained

6 eggs – beaten

12 tablespoons self-raising flour

2–3 dessertspoons pepper

1.5 dessertspoons salt

Large bunch of fresh coriander (100–150 g ideally)


Mix all ingredients well.

Fry dessertspoon ‘dollops’ in hot rapeseed oil – with a piece of carrot in the centre of the frying pan to catch the black bits!

Cook & turn occasionally until they look just right!

Remove from frying pan & drain on kitchen towel.


Depending on size, 1 quantity (above) makes around 45–50 latkes.

If you have a recipe that you’d like to share with our members, please send to the Site Editor for consideration.

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